Another month

A total of two months has come and gone now since he’s been born. In the last few days I’ve seen babies that are brand new, just weeks old and I realize how far he’s come. This morning I discovered that he’s out grown his first new born outfit. Granted it was a smallish one to start with but the first outfit to be packed away is here. I’ll keep this one, after labeling it so when I get old and misty eyed I know why I saved that one.

Now he’s babbling more often and smiling when you tickle his feet, his laugh won’t be far behind. And even though I don’t do it often, I can now get a few moments to shower or eat while he watches Dora or The Wiggles. We aren’t sleeping through the night yet but we can get to almost 5 hours now. When he sees his mommy or daddy or hears our voices he smiles in anticipation of cuddle time.

Car rides to settle him are fewer and far between, he’s fallen asleep on his own in his bassinet. I’ve taken to calling him wiggle worm because he can now scoot across a bed or a crib in his sleep. Jason reports that he’s gone to pick him up two times to find he’d rolled over.

But most of all he’s becoming Kyle. Not just a little lump of pooping drooling baby.


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