Marble Cat

Marble Cat has always been one smart kitty.  The first night she was home she stole a chicken McNugget by waiting on the sidelines until everyone was watching something else.  Now what she was planning on doing with that McNugget I’ll never know because it was bigger than her head at the time.

She continued that smart problem solving.  She figured out how to open doors at my mom and dad’s old house.  The doors didn’t latch properly so she played around until she found out if she stuck her paw under it she could bat at it until it just opened.  For doors that opened in she knew she could toss her weight on it and BAM! it would open.

Getting into the garage was always an adventure.  She knew the timing on the door.  So, as you would leave the house you had to do this mad dance to get out and get the door closed before she could shoot through it into the wondrous play ground of the garage.  And when we moved here she saw the garage door attached to the kitchen, something she’d not seen in 4 years, and knew what that was and began her pleas to go into the play land.

She’s also figured out how to use her body weight to wedge windows open wider so she could get into them.

She is also a creature of habit and when those habits are changed she will make her displeasure known.  Generally but peeing on the bathroom rug.  But sometimes by coming by you in a head fake of love.

But she’s never been fond of children thanks to my youngest niece.  Lex never wanted to leave the cat alone even when we’d tell her and move her time and time again.  So she, Marble, figured out that if she hid in a few choice spots the baby couldn’t get to her.

She’s a little standoffish, more than a little snooty when she wants to be but she’s my baby girl and I adore her to bits and pieces.  I love those quiet times when I settle down to sleep and she lies on my chest and she purrs.  And oh my she can purr.  Like a little motor.  She sits and she waits for me to come to bed on my pillows and once she sees me start to move she walks up my legs then onto my chest and she settles in until I fall asleep.  Then she moves between my knees or behind them and spends the rest of the night there.


The other two

My house is home to two people one baby and two cats. The cats, Peabody and Marble, feel that even though they don’t have educations or jobs, they should run the place. Just now I was dealing with a very pissed off Kyle and they sat on the coffee table staring at me. Why you ask? Because I was late serving their canned dinner. Both aren’t enamored with the new member of the house and less so when he causes their dinners to be delayed.

To be fair Marble has been with me since before I met the husband so she may have a small point in the “I was here first” war. Peabody just resents anything or anyone that prevents me from doing anything but petting him for hours on end.

They both also have a very annoying habit of sleeping on me or right at my knees. This became a problem when I was pregnant. You try moving your legs around two cats who refuse to move and then over a beach ball.

Now when I have to wake up to answer the urgent cries of my son they both continue to refuse to allow me to get out of bed then give me a look that I can only guess is the cat equivalent of the evil eye when I attempt to get back into bed. Little punks.