To Kyle on our first Mother’s Day

You woke up this morning a little grumpy and looking like you wanted to cry but you ate your breakfast and let me get you dressed without you getting mad at me.  In fact you watched some Spongebob happily so mommy could get her hair dried without trying to juggle you or the blow dryer.  You even let daddy get you in your car seat without a struggle.


You slept through most of church which is a goal your daddy and I have strived for since you were born.  You were so sweet in Grammie’s arms at brunch and in grandma’s arms at her house.  And the card you picked out couldn’t have been more perfect for us. 


When we finally got home you were so tuckered out you let all of us nap for 3 hours.  That was almost the best Mother’s Day gift you could have given me. 


The best present?  Giving me a first Mother’s Day.  Today means more to me than being told how wonderful it is to be a mother.  To me it’s that I am a mother and I’m a mother to a son who is so sweet and wonderful it makes my heart hurt.  Because of you for the first time in 4 years I didn’t want to hide from the world.  I didn’t want to find a place to be by myself and cry in.  I got to be a mother on Mother’s day and to be there could be nothing more precious.


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