Cookies don’t look good coming back up.

About 2am Kyle sat straight up in bed, looked at me and then threw his cookie up all over the bed, then the floor outside the bathroom, the bathroom mat, his blanket, his PJ’s and the shower curtain.  Yes, I said the shower curtain.


Jason woke as I was cleaning up the mess and helped out then took Ivy, who of course woke just as I finished the clean up and settling Kyle back in bed.   I was so thankful but a little guilty because I knew he’d only just gone to bed himself.  I curled up with sad little Bug and started to fall back to sleep.


Now this isn’t the first time he’s been sick to his stomach but it’s the first he decided to try and do something to feel better.  In this case it was to go lie down in Daddy’s because because obviously mommy’s bed was making him sick.


I’ve been home with both kids since about 11am when I was able to leave work and pick the kids up at the sitter.  Who, by the way, didn’t blink about kid puke.


I’m blogging about this because it occurred to me going into work today that it always seems like you get sick in the middle of the night. I really don’t remember going to suddenly puke in the afternoon, or right at dinner.  Ok, once after I was forced to eat breakfast but I woke up feeling like I was sick so it doesn’t count.


It seems like the only time a person can possibly start throwing up is when it’s dark and doing laundry is a giant pain in the arse for everyone.  Though I’m actually glad Bug was in my bed because it’s closer to the bathroom and I was there to get him out of bed quickly instead of him vomiting all over the hall to the bathroom.


As a side note, I’d like to know why cats decide 3am when puke fest is slowing down is a great time for attention.  Also, does anyone want a friendly cat with extremely bad timing?




I confess

I have to confess I am probably one of the worlds worst bloggers. Even when I was younger I’d start a diary and keep it for a while then just stop writing in it. I guess it was partly knowing someone might read my most personal thoughts and realizing those thoughts were boring as hell is what always did it.

In this case it’s the discipline to sit down and do it that’s lacking. Oddly right now discipline is the word of the king in this house as Bug is currently making me think I might possibly be speaking in some odd language that I only think is English, that he cannot understand.

So far this second pregnancy has made a lie of my first trimester statement that “I don’t even feel pregnant”. The pregnancy of Jelly Bean is officialy high risk as my blood pressure decided to stay elevated. The good news is that it’s not pre-eclampsia.  It is however not the ideal.

The last month and a half has been spent attempting to “take it slow” while I go to weekly doctor appointments, bi weekly non stress tests and blood work every few weeks. I should have my own parking spot at Suk’s office, or at least be included in the Drug Rep lunches.

All this has shown that my daughter is growing well despite my BP.  It also means she’ll miss being pre-mature by a week. I’m going to be induced in 10 days to avoid actually going into the danger zone.

So, there’s going to be a new face at the Thanksgiving table this year and Bug is waiting to his baby sister to arrive. He’s got his own baby he’s taking care of, when he’s not sitting on it’s head.  He’s also been looking over the tiny things going into his room. I give him 3 days before he asks if we can take her back to Target.

I’m really doing this again?

Bug’s yelling at James the Engine because he ran off the tracks.  He’s really mad at James and put him in a time out.  This was after he spit enough water into his bowl of strawberries, that he begged for, to fill it almost to the top.  I really miss the “terrible” two’s.   It’s not the two’s that kill you, it’s the three’s and who ever came up with the whole terrible two thing aught to be sentenced to a room full of three year old for a week.

After all the time and effort we went into to get Bug talking there are times when I beg him to please stop yelling.  It’s almost like the more verbal he gets the more he has to act like a wild child.  He’s still working through the whole he’s not the boss of me thing.  The second most frequent time out he gets is for turning off the TV when I refused to give into his demands for Thomas.  Or Bob the Builder as he seems to be into now.

The most frequent?  Oh that would be for not listening to me.  And this blog post interrupted to a loud demand for popcorn at 9:30 am.  During his time out he decided he needed a nap.  That’s his new get out of jail free card, a nap.  So, anyway, he likes to pretend he doesn’t hear me when I tell him something or ask him something.  I know he’s not having a problem hearing in general because I can play the Thomas theme song at the lowest volume and he’ll be in his bed room and still hear it.  Of course, Geekdad does the same thing.

At least once a week I think about why we’re doing this again.  I know Jelly Bean will be his own person (yes, I think it’s a boy again) just like Bug is his.  And that’s the answer.  Jelly Bean will give us all new ways of looking at something.  He’ll have his own little habits we’ll laugh over just like his big brother.

He’ll have his own shows he’ll demand, his own special toy or blanket.  I’ll have my special moments with just him, just like with Bug.  He’ll have his own smile, voice and laugh.  And his own way of making me want to pull out my gray hair.

Jelly Bean

A while ago I began talking about maybe having another baby.  It was one of those “in the future” things.  Geekdad said that he’d be a go for another kid, someday.  A few months ago we made the decision to try to have another baby, with the thought that we’d give it a year then move on.  I’d had a hard enough time getting pregnant with Bug and we knew the second time around would probably not be a walk in the park.  Well aside from the actual trying to make the baby.


So yeah, I’m going to have another baby in November.  Two months of trying and somehow we managed to have a home run.  I really, really hadn’t thought that we had actually done it this month.  I bought new capri’s, in smaller sizes, and a bottle of wine.  Yep, can’t wear ’em and I can’t drink it, though that bottle of wine is so coming to the hospital with me.


I’m feeling really good right now, some ligament pains and a tiny bit of nauseousness right now.  And either I’m gaining weight or I’ve already got baby pudge going on.  Pants are a tad tighter yesterday and today.
Bug is gonna be a big brother.

My Hello Kitty thing

My name is Danageekmom and I’m over 25.  I also have a thing for Hello Kitty.  It started out small, with a sticker here and there.  Now at the advanced age of “I no longer get carded” I drool over the idea of a Hello Kitty bathroom and matching toaster.


I’ve resisted my urge to own pink bows and whiskers only because at this point in my life I’d just look really sad.  It’s the same reason my hair is red not purple.  And why I no longer wear clothing from Hot Topic.  Ok, I wear some but it’s mixed in with my middle American middle-aged mom wear too.


I think the love of Hello Kitty is universal to Geek Girls, but it’s only after we become Geek Mom’s of girls that we can really go all in.  It’s for the baby you know!  Me, I’ve got a Geek Boy.  I can get all the Darth Vader love I want though.

It is a tumor.

I’ve always told my grandmother there was something wrong with her head.  A week ago I was proven right when she had to go to ER and they found a tumor in her brain.


The words “brain tumor” are pretty scary, I mean, it’s tumor.  And it’s in your brain.  And your brain is really pretty basic to your general quality of life.  And while I like to joke she’s got a hole in her head I’d rather someone didn’t drill one.


That news came, of course, with my own mother’s panic and insecurity.  I wish I was kidding when I said there are brain issues with the people in my family.  Having a parent with a illness like MS is unpredictable and frustrating.   And having to police her in front of her family while were’re waiting in ICU isn’t much fun.  Less so when you know said family see’s you as controlling and a bit cold.


So on Thursday I helped my dad keep from being totally out of control while the nuerosurgon   got the rest of the tumor out of grandma’s brain.  The fun part to me was watching my great Aunts and Uncles be amazed and confused that I sat texting all afternoon to my cousins and second cousins.  The whole idea of Facebook, email and texting just goes right over their heads, though they all like that we’re keeping in touch.


What I didn’t tell them was that it was nice for me not to have to be there, in that room for the few moments my texts took me to read or write.  I could tune out my mom and the worry.  I didn’t have to see the looks on my family’s faces when they saw my mom’s behavior.   It was a way I had so I didn’t get up and scream, “See, this is what MS is.  Fun no?  Try having that all day long.”  Then again, I could have and my loud German family probably wouldn’t have heard.


So far, so good.

I’m a little afraid.  Ok I’m a lot afraid.  Let’s start by explaining why I was able to wake up a little later than normal on a work day.  See, last Sunday at the zoo Karen and I got to talking about my new work out routine and how much Kyle really loved our walks and likes being in his stroller.  Well she got to talking and said that we should watch Craig’s List and see if we could find a jogging stroller for me.  The old stroller we have is fine, but I’m moving at a pretty good clip and a jogging stroller is more stable, not to mention easier for me to push along.  So Monday morning I found one for $50 that had just been listed and jumped on it and I’m picking it up this morning.

That’s why Kyle and I were able to sleep in a tad today.  We both woke up feeling refreshed, the air is crisp and cool.  He brushed his teeth like a big boy, ate his breakfast well.  He didn’t steal my make up and I’ve lost 2 more pounds despite the giant greasy cheeseburger I ate on Wednesday.

Rounding out the good day vibe is that it’s pay day, we have money in the bank, I ordered Kyle’s big Christmas gift (we’re getting him a child’s piano.  not one of those clinky ones, one that’s set up like a real piano on a smaller scale.).  I’ve got my nieces done for this year too.  My hair looks good.

I found my old vampire avatars and siggys, proving to the world I liked fangs before fangs were cool, I have pictures to play with and print out for family.  Jason’s going to eat on TV.  So, really as you can see, I’m waiting for a truck to smash into my car or someone to blow something up I enjoy.  Really, this isn’t right.