Love each other, or not if it’s a parking lot

We attend Hales Corners Lutheran Church .  It’s a large church though not one of those mega-we love God and that’s what counts-churches.    In fact the small church where HCL began to preach the word of God is still there, it’s now called the chapel and the grade school has grown around it.  Jason and I got married in the chapel.

Because it’s a large church the parking lot is huge and the Sunday 9:15 service is the one to be at most weeks so once the services are over and all the families pile into their mini vans and station wagons to head home the parking lot becomes, well, a parking lot.  Cars are bumper to bumper waiting their turns to exit the lot in the only exit on to a fairly busy road.  As a side note, that was a really bad design decision.

This Sunday as we sat and waited, the car in neutral and the parking brake on, I started to notice something.

Some of the worst moments of rude driving were happening here, in the church parking lot.  Everyone knows the rules, you let one car in front of you then you can move.  Then they let one car in front of them, so on and so on.  Traffic keeps moving along and people are able to get into line without having to play a game of chicken.  But people weren’t doing that.  They were closing the gap with the car in front of them so that others couldn’t nose their way in.

Then I saw a car packed with small children winding its way around the line of traffic, using the pick up line to get ahead of the pack then bully a driver in the front of the line into letting them in.

Really, in a church parking lot?  Did we not just leave services where we heard a sermon on love.  Were you thinking that Pastor Mike only meant “love always, unless you’re in your car.  then be a giant jack ass.”

Honestly I realize that the majority of people in the parking lot were actually polite and just as eager as we all were to get home and have brunch or get their Sunday roast in the oven.  It’s not as if any of us felt the urge to flee church like children at summer break yelling “FREEEEE!! WE ARE FREEEE!!!”

Come on people!  The parking lot has one narrow exit and we all have to use it and this isn’t a new thing.  We’ve been at that site for almost a decade now.  Yes, we should have another exit and yes often time the HCPD is there directing traffic on big church days because of this bottle neck.  But if everyone tried to leave in an orderly and polite way there wouldn’t be a need to cut off little old ladies who really only drive on Sundays.


It’s been a while

Yeah, it’s been a while since I updated this blog.  Not because nothing has been going on but because by the time I can sit on my computer I want to mow down little elves bowling and then go to bed.

Two weeks ago I started a new job.  It’s a good job, medical billing.  I’m following up on unpaid insurance claims and I’m damn good at it.  So far my boss is impressed by how I jumped in and ran with the ball and how I’m actually getting some issues resolved.  Seems the two people who did it before me wouldn’t do anything if it looked complicated they’d just rebill it and rebill it and ignore it.  Sadly I’m looking at an account now that we will probably have to eat about 4k on.  Stuff like that pisses me off.

It’s a 40 hour a week gig.  It’s not going over well on my fibro though.  So far I’m dealing with it ok and I’m going to be going to my doctor to see about the new meds they have on the market.  Just to give you an idea how of often I actually take prescriptions, I found one, with only 4 pills gone, that had a date on it of 2005.  I figure once I start walking that path it becomes almost impossible to step off of it and for the most part I can manage things with over the counter stuff and rest and exercise.  Yes, I’m exercising.  Well, putting Kyle in his stroller and walking but that is exercise.

Tonight Jason and I have a meeting and Church to officially become members.  He was a member but because he went inactive they removed him.  I was a member at another church years ago but like many 20 somethings I got ambivalent about going.  I went through a period where I never stopped believing in God but stopped believing in Church.  In recent years I began to become interested in making it part of our lives again and when I had Kyle that corked it.  My parents never went on a regular basis so I grew up only going sporadically and I don’t want that for my son.  Jason grew up with a father who seemed to feel that you had to go to Church but it was an obligation and a chore.  He also seems to have used his Catholicism against his kids and his ex wife.  As if a man who hides his assets to screw his ex over is a real Christian.  But he was one of “those”.  At least from what I can gather.  Jason almost never speaks of his father but when he does it’s in pretty negative terms.

And in some ways I’m sort of glad his father was such a shithead.  Unlike some kids who grow up with one parental figure who checks out, Jason is hell bent on not being his dad.  And is probably way more interested in doing things with his son because he wants too, not because he feels it’s it’s fatherly obligation.

Anyway, it’s birthday month here.  My mom, dad, sister and my two eldest nieces all have birthday’s this month.  So happy birthday to them all!

Kyle has started solid foods!  At first I thought perhaps he was ready physically but not emotionally.  He fought, he spit and he made the Mr. Poison face.  But on the third night he was screaming at me if I didn’t shovel it in fast enough for him and stretching forward to meet the spoon with his face.  So far he just loves his rice cereal mixed with apple juice, he’s ok with banana’s and he seems to enjoy carrots.

It’s funny because he looks so much like me and my dad and his family.  This was something we never expected in a million years.  Yeah he might look like me but he’s his daddy in expression and personality.  He’s so laid back and easy going and such a boy.  He likes it when you bounce him, I put him on my bed and brace my arms around him and go “Bounce! BOUNCE!” and he just smiles so big.  He likes being dirty, enjoys to play flying baby and all these other ‘rough’ games.  He’s as generally happy as his daddy is and eats like his daddy too.  Talk about a baby who seems to have gotten the best of his mom and dad.  Now don’t get me wrong, my husband is hot but Jason’s personality is by far the thing I love most about him.  His pleasant, easy going, go with the flow.

While I would never consider my self hot or even overly pretty if I had to choose Kyle looking like me or having my personality, I’d choose looks hands down.  I’m over emotional, obsessive, retentive and given to periods of depression and deep self doubt.  So when I say he’s got the best of us I’m really saying God reached in and helped us make a son who is the best reflection of his mom and dad.

He’s also discovered getting onto his hands and knees, and my father swears he took two crawls forward the other day.  Lord help us.  He’s already inch worming across the floor and chewing on daddy’s XBox controller cord is a favorite pass time for him.  When he starts to actually crawl I have a feeling that he’s going to be one of those kids who will find everything, destroy everything and claim everything as his.  I’ve said it many times but I’ll say it again, I have a feeling our toddler years will be loads of fun.