A terriably nice day

So on Sunday the family went to see little Michael be Baptized. It was a lovely day starting with M’s great big smile for everyone. You can tell at first glance what a happy and fun baby he is. I have to say he was the best behaved honoree that morning. It’s always wonderful to welcome a new life into the Family of Christ.

After church we went to Sara’s parents house where Kyle proceeded to stun his parents by sleeping happily on my chest in his carrier for over an hour and a half. At one point I asked him if he was dead which got me a few laughs but in all honesty I was stunned. I seem to have found his nap switch. If he can sleep on a chest where he can get a back thumping as he wakes up then he sleeps for a good deal of time. Well at least until the after noon when he melts down. And oh my does my son know how to make the neighbors think we’re using him for horrific science experiments. After a wonderful day of catching up with friends (Yes Jeff I’m still a Republican) we went home to enjoy the warm weather.

Yes, warm weather. WI may actually be getting spring. Today we’re supposed to hit 72 if not warmer. People are mowing lawns and trees are starting to bud. And the cats are sitting at windows wishing they had thumbs so they could open them up on their own.

Well I need to call an insurance company now and yell at them for being asshats.


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