Christmas, Christmas Time is Near…

It actually is.  On Halloween I gave up and finally gave in.  Christmas starts at noon on Halloween.  The commercials said so.  The malls said so.  The stores said so.  It must be true.  Christmas is a 2 month-long celebration now.


That snark said, we have begun Christmas shopping.  We’ve gotten in the habit of starting sooner rather than later.  With more people to buy for and a little guy who Santa comes to visit we just can’t afford to wait until December to start.  So far my dad is done, my brother-in-law is done.  Three nieces are too.  Kyle’s started.


I also began some crafts, which I’ll share after Christmas because some people who will receive them are reading this.  They are small stocking stuffers, but fun and in the spirit of my whole “I wanna be more creative and stuff” kick.


As soon as my dad bring it over, I’m going to start Kyle’s big gift.  When my grandfather was in high school he made a large wooden box in tech ed.  That box became my mom’s toy box, then mine.  For the last decade it’s been sitting in my mom’s bedroom being used to store sweaters.  Now it will be Kyle’s toy box.


The box is in good shape, structure wise but its showing it’s years.  Thankfully my dad made the effort to teach me how to do basic carpentry as well as how to sand, prime and paint.  My plan is to sand the box down, add new legs.  Then I’m going to prime and paint it and stencil Kyle’s name onto it.  I’m going to cover the lid with batting and fabric so he has his own little seat and install break hinges so it won’t slam on him.  I want to at least get the sanding down while it’s still warm so working in the garage won’t suck as bad.  If I don’t get the painting done I can use dad’s portable heater.


I’m really excited about it.  Right now Kyle has a dresser in his room that was his daddy’s.  Jason’s Uncle Earl stripped it and refurnished it for him, now he’ll have something from my childhood too.  I’m also excited that I’ll have more room to store the toys that are spilling everywhere.

Speaking of, I need to go through them and soon.  I need to back up and donate the ones he no longer plays with and the ones he’s outgrown to make room for all the new stuff he’ll get.


Now, to go get him out of the fire-place….