“The List”

Last week I was talking to a co-worker about “The List”.  Now, if you’re married you know what mysterious list I’m talking about.  If you’re not you might know, but you don’t know.

The list is sort of like that current movie <i>Hall Pass</i>, sort of.  It’s not a full week of acting like you’re 20 something again, but The List is your fictitious  hall pass for a night or weekend.  I think most married couples have a List they talk about from time to time  and their list probably changes from year to year. Some couples have a three count for their list, others even go up to ten.  I’m not sure what our numbers are, I think up to five.  Though, honestly, Geekdad keeps telling me he has no List that I’m the only one for him.  I call him a dirty liar.

The thing is, no matter how fantastically happy you are, and trust me I am, in your marriage or relationship, there is always that whole idea that someone else finds you just as hot and sexy and fun as your spouse.  He or she has too think you’re hotter than the sun,  still it’s fun to think that someone who’s never seen you puke or pick your nose might find you attractive.

I have a theory on The List.  Happy couples have them and talk about them.  Unhappy couples hide them.  I think that it’s part of a healthy relationship and intimacy to be able to talk about anything with the person you’re with.  It shows a lot of trust you have in one another to be able to hear about The List and for someone to talk about The List because sometimes their’s no rhyme or reason to who’s on the list and that can get a little embarrassing.

For the record Justin Beiber and Edward Cullen are not on my list.  Not even close and not I’m not telling you who is on my List.