Me and ADHD, or My ADD. Whichever you prefer.

While discussing options for Kyle and his ADHD with on of the docs I work with he mentioned that ADD/ADHD runs in family groups.  Well, I was sure I didn’t have it, despite some questions on my part, because surely someone would have said something to me.  And I know Jason doesn’t have it so I was stumped and figured Kyle was a one off.  Not so much.


I told my mom about what the doc had said to me and she casually, like it was nothing, told me that, yep, I’d been tested and I had it.  “But a low level of it, so it really shouldn’t be an issue.”  Well, knock me over with an acronym.  When I began telling friends and co-workers about it their reaction was “no shit.”  My primary doctor figured I knew and never brought it up because it wasn’t causing issues.  Well, ok then.  


Looking back it explains a lot.  Like why I had trouble focusing on details, how I didn’t manage to finish college or how despite how smart people kept telling me I was I struggled with school.  I have a hard time focusing on my work and would find my self frequently needing a distraction.  I would get a great idea on a story and not be able to finish it.  Hell this blog.  I started it and update it only once in a blue moon.  


I’m going to be going back to school in the fall and realized if I wanted to succeed in not only obtaining my Bachelor’s much less a Master’s I would need to address it.  So, I talked with the docs I worked with and then went to my primary care doc and began with Ritalin.  To say I noticed a difference would be an understatement.  I’d never say I was a bad employee who didn’t get her work done but now I can see and react to situations further out, I’m able to recall important details quickly and balance the demands of managing an office with far more ease.  Low level or not it was impacting my life in far more ways than I realized.  


It’s more important to me now that we help Kyle with his ADHD, give him the tools and knowledge he’ll need to cope and figure out what works for him.  He has so much in him, creativity, fun, mechanical skills and joy I don’t want to see it compromised because he cannot work in a group setting.  I don’t want him as socially isolated as I was, as unable to cope as I was or as confused as I was.  


Every good parent wants better for their child than they had.  The better depends on the parents idea of what that is of course, and what better I want for my son is reaching the goals he wants to whatever they may be.


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