This came as no surprise.

For a while now I’ve been debating if Kyle’s level of activity and energy is above  normal for a boy.  Let’s face it, when your kid suddenly starts jumping up and down while just watching tv and he can’t tell you why you wonder.  While a lot of kids his age and boys in general are more challenging let’s say, I started to realize that sometimes what we see him doing at home and in day care is a little above the norm.


The biggest concern we had was when he started school.  He’s been so excited to start 4K and make new friends and learn new things we didn’t want to see it ruined for him.  I so want to see him make friends and enjoy going to school.  You know until he hits middle school and loses his mind to hormones.


His behavior has also become a safety issue.  Running into the street, not staying where he’s told and climbing on things that aren’t safe.  Oh and hitting or biting other kids.  They tend to get a little testy and hurty back about that.


So J and I took him to see someone and he acted just like we wanted him too.  Sweet but a bundle of movement.  And as if to announce his intentions to act that way he insisted on wearing his t-shirt with a train on it that says “In Constant Motion.”   He climbed the furniture, tried to read the books, ran trains into the wall and pawed through the desk drawers.  In short, he was Kyle.


The diagnosis?  ADHD which is more about the activity level than just not being able to sit still so to speak.  I had never thought a child that young could be diagnosed but while speaking with the doctor I began to realize that he’s always  acted in ways that pointed to it.  Even his biting stage fit because he has a hard time regulating his emotions or reactions to them.


No, we won’t be putting him on the meds.  He’s far too young and the side effects with him could be a bit more dangerous because of his age and his size.  I also don’t think the meds should be a place to start or the only tool we have.  I want to learn how to help him as he is before we go down the road to giving him a daily pill, or two.  Also, I have a hard enough time getting him to take his Flinstone’s.  Trying to get him to swallow an actual pill would make mommy need to up her Paxil.


Bottom line?  Kyle is a funny, sweet, active boy who’s a boy.  He plays in dirt and runs around like a mad man.  I don’t want to change who or what he is I just want to help him learn to be himself without needing to jump over his chair for a few hours.


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