And Mouse makes four.

My doctor called an end to the game of chicken with my blood pressure at week 37.  This meant that Mouse would be full term and hopefully avoid my BP blowing while in labor and delivery again.   So that meant I was scheduled to be induces on Wednesday November 9th.  Dr. Suk told me to be at the hospital by 7am that morning.

Knowing what I know now I would have insisted that we stop at McDonald’s and get the the largest breakfast I could get my swollen hands on.

I got suited up in the hospital johnny and into bed while Jason put my things away and scoped out the comfy chair.  Dr. Suk arrived and decided my BP was low enough that I could walk so she decided to break my water.  After messing around for a few moments and testing my ability to not slap her when she’s causing me pain, Suk wasn’t sure she’d gotten the job done so she ordered the Pitocin.

They got the IV started and after spending the better part of 2 months doing not much of anything I wanted to get up and walk so my nurse hooked me up to the portable monitors and Jason and I did out laps in the hallway.  Being who he is he timed my laps and was impressed with my split times.  Labor started slow and I was actually impressed with how I was doing and enjoying a far different labor than with Kyle.  I could speak and move without vomiting.  I even labored in the tub for a while.

During our walk we noticed something very important.  The room I was given was the same room I had Bug in which was really odd because we passed more than a few empty rooms on the way down.  It would be tempting to have another baby just to see if I got the same room again.  Jason doesn’t think that’s funny.

It really wasn’t until mid-afternoon when I was starting to wonder if this was going to go as we’d planned and Ivy would be born by dinner time.  It turns out she decided she wouldn’t make her debut until breakfast the next day.

I’d get into a pattern of really great and strong contractions and then it would fall apart and there just wasn’t much pressure on my cervix to open it up.  By 10pm Suk  was ready to call it and have an OB come in for a c-section.  By then labor had gone on for 13 hours and I wasn’t going past a 4.  Of course now when the OB checked I’d progressed to a 5.

My doctor decided to let me labor another two hours and see if I got any further.  If not, c-section.  If I did we’d let it go on.  Well I did progress, but, of course, I didn’t get too far.  Just far enough that she didn’t want to go to a c-section but not far enough for me to feel like the end was anywhere near.  That’s when I had my first break down.  I was getting no where fast and I knew I’d still have to actually push.  I also hadn’t eaten since 5:30 am the now previous day and because a c-section was looming I was also not allowed even ice chips anymore.

I napped on and off, rolled over when the nurse came in to help and had to have my epidural upped once.  My Pitocan was being adjusted on a regular basis to keep me contracting harder in the hopes Mouse’s head would finally drop more and put more pressure on my cervix.

It took another eight and a half hours and by that time I was beyond tired, frustrated, hungry and mentally exhausted.  I finally had it, I broke down sobbing and pretty much told Suk I was done with labor.   I had decided either I was going to push this baby out or she was calling the OB to do a c-section if I wasn’t fully dilated.     Jason was sure I wasn’t going to have enough in me to push.  I was pretty sure he was right but I was at a 10 so I had to at least try.

Somehow I managed, after 21 hours of labor, almost 24 hours in the hospital and 23 hours since eating, to push.  In between pushes I napped and 45 minutes, just past 24 hours after I was admitted Ivy was born.

When the nurses went to weigh her they realized that she wasn’t breathing.  I wasn’t sure how serious it was until my doctor left me in the hands of the floor resident and she began to do chest compressions on my daughter.  Then I heard them call for a crash cart.  There were people flooding into the room, including the NICU doctor and they were all around my daughter with looks of concern on their faces.  All I could do was hold Jason’s hand squeeze.

I don’t know that I breathed until I heard a nurse say “I got it.”  And I didn’t move until I saw my doctors face.  She’s a damn good poker player in a lot of ways but once I saw the relief on her face I knew that, while Ivy might be sick, she wasn’t in danger anymore.

They bundled her up and put her in my arms and Jason and I spent time saying hello to her before they took her to the NICU.

It seemed like forever before the doctor came back but the news was fantastic.  Ivy was pink and breathing.  Her vitals were great and unless there was a problem she was only going to stay in NICU for 8 hours.

I, on the other hand, was not doing well.  I wasn’t able to keep any thing down and when I got out of bed I came extremely close to passing out and also ended up with an emergency team in the room.  I was put back into bed and slept.

A few hours later I was ok enough to have an aid take me to NICU to see my  baby girl who was doing fantastic and she was with me in my room again by dinner.

When she’s 16 and I tell her she can’t have the car I’m going to make her read this.


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