Next up the TARDIS

Like most kids his age Bug likes to try to get out of going to sleep by asking to go potty, for a drink or a  story.  He’s getting somewhat creative in his requests though.  Like the night he kept bobbing and weaving his way around Geekdad finally crawling into my lap to announce he could not go to sleep because he had to “Watch The Doctor with mama”.


Yes, at the time I was watching Doctor Who.  He did sit and watch it with me.  The best part?  He knows Chris, David and Matt are all The Doctor.  Just the other night Geekdad was on the desk top and was reading something.  Bug went around the corner and I heard him say “That’s The Doctor!”.  Geekdad asked him if I’d put him up to it.


I think as a parent we all enjoy it when our kids show interest in our interests.  It’s something we can share and enjoy together.  Geekdad and Bug watch a lot of sports together and Bug seems to really be starting to like football.  He also watches daddy play Batman on the Xbox 360 and he now loves Batman, or so he tells me.


We all know we pass our genetics on to our kids.  Just watching Bug I can see a lot of his dad and me in him but he doesn’t choose those things.  He’s choosing to ask to watch sports with his daddy or to Star Wars with us.  It’s the start of a child showing something  beyond the parroted please and thank yous are sinking in.  We are shaping this tiny person for better or worse.


By Christmas I hope I can get him to say Time And Relative Dimensions In Space.


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