Just when you think it’s all good.

After answering the question “how’s this pregnancy going?” and telling everyone that this time around has been going great and I hardly feel pregnant 24 weeks and 5 days threw a wrench on things and my blood pressure ended up putting me on bed rest for almost a week and a “short leash” (quote the doctor), for the foreseeable future with the promise of more bed rest if my blood pressure goes back up.


When we spoke about having another child we figured we’d give it a chance, it had been so hard with Bug and we really expected to spend a few months trying and half expected to still be one child parents at the end of it.  Never in a light year had either of us expected to find out we were going to have another baby after two months.


After the positive pregnancy test, ok 6 tests, I geared up to puke for the next 9 months but that didn’t happen either.  I didn’t get so tired I feel asleep at 4am, I didn’t spend hours obsessing over certain foods.  Just food in general.   The pregnancy was what every women dreams of for herself.   Sure the doctor and I both talked about watching my BP, we figured it “might” happen but neither one of us really expected it to happen until it did.


On the whole I’m so lucky that it looks like I’ll just end up on meds and close monitoring the rest of my pregnancy it really could be so much worse and I remind myself of that.  It’s still annoying as hell though.


It’s hard to realize until you can’t anymore how often you get up during a lazy day.  I mean, it’s easy to think it’ll be fun to do nothing until you need a cup of water or get hungry.  Then it gets annoying.  Because asking for a cup of water or a sandwich when you’re over 5 makes you feel a little, well, like you can’t take care of yourself.  It’s even worse when you know your bathroom needs to be cleaned or the cats need water.


This all started though just went I figured nothing could really go wrong.  I was moving along, gaining little weight, working out and enjoying my almost mom squared status.  I had always thought if my BP was going to go up this time it would go up way earlier.  I never saw this coming.  Things had been going too great.  The monthly appointment was almost boring with the lack of issues.  I was more concerned about the bother of going into labor at Thanksgiving.   Now I’m just shooting for Thanksgiving.


I’ll take this though because  at the end of it I get a little baby girl to dress in pink and purple and sparkles.


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