I’m really doing this again?

Bug’s yelling at James the Engine because he ran off the tracks.  He’s really mad at James and put him in a time out.  This was after he spit enough water into his bowl of strawberries, that he begged for, to fill it almost to the top.  I really miss the “terrible” two’s.   It’s not the two’s that kill you, it’s the three’s and who ever came up with the whole terrible two thing aught to be sentenced to a room full of three year old for a week.

After all the time and effort we went into to get Bug talking there are times when I beg him to please stop yelling.  It’s almost like the more verbal he gets the more he has to act like a wild child.  He’s still working through the whole he’s not the boss of me thing.  The second most frequent time out he gets is for turning off the TV when I refused to give into his demands for Thomas.  Or Bob the Builder as he seems to be into now.

The most frequent?  Oh that would be for not listening to me.  And this blog post interrupted to a loud demand for popcorn at 9:30 am.  During his time out he decided he needed a nap.  That’s his new get out of jail free card, a nap.  So, anyway, he likes to pretend he doesn’t hear me when I tell him something or ask him something.  I know he’s not having a problem hearing in general because I can play the Thomas theme song at the lowest volume and he’ll be in his bed room and still hear it.  Of course, Geekdad does the same thing.

At least once a week I think about why we’re doing this again.  I know Jelly Bean will be his own person (yes, I think it’s a boy again) just like Bug is his.  And that’s the answer.  Jelly Bean will give us all new ways of looking at something.  He’ll have his own little habits we’ll laugh over just like his big brother.

He’ll have his own shows he’ll demand, his own special toy or blanket.  I’ll have my special moments with just him, just like with Bug.  He’ll have his own smile, voice and laugh.  And his own way of making me want to pull out my gray hair.


One thought on “I’m really doing this again?

  1. I’m in for a doozy of a second (when the time comes – currently we’re in negotiations about said timing) because M has been pretty awesome, all the way through two and half way through three, we have our moments, but nothing like some of the stories I’ve heard from friends and the Internet.

    With a little brother to boss around you may find that big bro totally mellows out when it comes to you, and who knows, he may even do half your job keeping the little one in line, if he’s already doling out punishments to the toys, lol!

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