Jelly Bean

A while ago I began talking about maybe having another baby.  It was one of those “in the future” things.  Geekdad said that he’d be a go for another kid, someday.  A few months ago we made the decision to try to have another baby, with the thought that we’d give it a year then move on.  I’d had a hard enough time getting pregnant with Bug and we knew the second time around would probably not be a walk in the park.  Well aside from the actual trying to make the baby.


So yeah, I’m going to have another baby in November.  Two months of trying and somehow we managed to have a home run.  I really, really hadn’t thought that we had actually done it this month.  I bought new capri’s, in smaller sizes, and a bottle of wine.  Yep, can’t wear ’em and I can’t drink it, though that bottle of wine is so coming to the hospital with me.


I’m feeling really good right now, some ligament pains and a tiny bit of nauseousness right now.  And either I’m gaining weight or I’ve already got baby pudge going on.  Pants are a tad tighter yesterday and today.
Bug is gonna be a big brother.


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