Back on the Tweets

I have no idea why but last night I got it into my head that I wanted to be part of the tweetverse again.  The thing about me, which Geekdad can attest to, is that when I get something in my head that I want or I want to do I don’t let it go.  So I gave in and grabbed an app for my phone again and started tweeting again.


One one level I really don’t get the whole tweeting thing.  Does the world really care that I like Special K cereal and if I need coffee (both, by the way are true)?  No the probably don’t but there is some pull, it’s like some weird Tourette’s thing.


Humans want the inside scoop on others. We like gossip and we like knowing things other people shouldn’t know about each other.  Why else would we watch “reality” tv and read the gossip rags.  Twitter is sort of like an ok way for us to eavesdrop on other people, celebrity and neighbor alike.


It’s also a way for us to get attention from others.  More than getting the inside dirt on the people around us, mostly so we can feel better about ourselves, we enjoy talking about ourselves.  It’s fun for us to sit there and go on and on about how awesome we are.  Because what is going on in our world is the most. important. thing. ever.  EVER.


So, because I feel the need to snoop and babble about my own insanely fantastic self I started tweeting again.


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