My Hello Kitty thing

My name is Danageekmom and I’m over 25.  I also have a thing for Hello Kitty.  It started out small, with a sticker here and there.  Now at the advanced age of “I no longer get carded” I drool over the idea of a Hello Kitty bathroom and matching toaster.


I’ve resisted my urge to own pink bows and whiskers only because at this point in my life I’d just look really sad.  It’s the same reason my hair is red not purple.  And why I no longer wear clothing from Hot Topic.  Ok, I wear some but it’s mixed in with my middle American middle-aged mom wear too.


I think the love of Hello Kitty is universal to Geek Girls, but it’s only after we become Geek Mom’s of girls that we can really go all in.  It’s for the baby you know!  Me, I’ve got a Geek Boy.  I can get all the Darth Vader love I want though.


One thought on “My Hello Kitty thing

  1. hi… im vangie phi. and im collecting any kind of hello kitty, even it small or big. im happy to read your short story about you. god bless you always. and more hello kitty. :0)

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