It is a tumor.

I’ve always told my grandmother there was something wrong with her head.  A week ago I was proven right when she had to go to ER and they found a tumor in her brain.


The words “brain tumor” are pretty scary, I mean, it’s tumor.  And it’s in your brain.  And your brain is really pretty basic to your general quality of life.  And while I like to joke she’s got a hole in her head I’d rather someone didn’t drill one.


That news came, of course, with my own mother’s panic and insecurity.  I wish I was kidding when I said there are brain issues with the people in my family.  Having a parent with a illness like MS is unpredictable and frustrating.   And having to police her in front of her family while were’re waiting in ICU isn’t much fun.  Less so when you know said family see’s you as controlling and a bit cold.


So on Thursday I helped my dad keep from being totally out of control while the nuerosurgon   got the rest of the tumor out of grandma’s brain.  The fun part to me was watching my great Aunts and Uncles be amazed and confused that I sat texting all afternoon to my cousins and second cousins.  The whole idea of Facebook, email and texting just goes right over their heads, though they all like that we’re keeping in touch.


What I didn’t tell them was that it was nice for me not to have to be there, in that room for the few moments my texts took me to read or write.  I could tune out my mom and the worry.  I didn’t have to see the looks on my family’s faces when they saw my mom’s behavior.   It was a way I had so I didn’t get up and scream, “See, this is what MS is.  Fun no?  Try having that all day long.”  Then again, I could have and my loud German family probably wouldn’t have heard.



One thought on “It is a tumor.

  1. Hugs. Hope your grandma pulls through ok, and that you withstand the insanity of your family. Can you roll for a cloak of sanity or something? 😉

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