I should have seen it coming

Anyone who knows me knows I’m into vampires.  I have been since before they sparkled and were the thing of high school girl’s crushes.  I love a good vampire story and freely admit I am a vampire snob, if they are whiney I’d like to see ’em staked and left for the sun.  So, I really should have seen it coming.  My son’s a biter.


Yesterday he was asked to leave a second day care.  Yes, second.  Today he’s bitten his father three times.  I think he’s gotten a taste for human flesh after all this time but I can’t convince him that chicken is just as good.


The reality is, I don’t know how to deal with this anymore.  I honestly am at a loss as to how to direct him.  The kid is all id, all impulse, and has a temper to match mine.  He’s stubborn as all hell and I can’t figure out how to re-direct this into something that’s safe for him.  I also don’t know how to get him to stop biting except outfitting him in a nice Hannibal Lecter mask.  We’ve done all those normal things to try to get him to stop, including speech therapy, nothing seems to work with him though.  I’m all open to ideas though, short of pulling out his teeth.


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