You can’t miss me if I’m always here.

It’s been a while hasn’t it?  I’ll admit it, I’m just damned lazy when it comes to blogging.  Honestly; I’ve never been great at journaling and writing down my thoughts and feelings.  I always mean to be but somehow it all falls flat.  The worst part is that I can have app for my phone that I can use to post from yet I still don’t.  I promised myself when I get my netbook I’ll post more often from the comfort of my living room but let’s all really look at my post history.  I think there’s a better chance of me learning the Jedi ways than me posting on a regular basis.

The real problem is I’m never sure what to post about.  I can talk about Kyle potty training, but I have nothing more to add to the discussion on the issue.  Other than everyone is shocked Kyle has decided to just go on the potty.  It’s one of those things no one ever thought they’d see.

I can talk about losing two clothing sizes but that just sounds braggy.  And let’s face it, I’m still not out of the “plus” sized category.

I won’t talk about work because that’s just a really bad idea.  Even something I think it totally harmless can end up being really, really bad.

I could brag that almost all of my Christmas shopping is done but that would just make my friends and family avoid me for a while.

So you see it’s hard to find things to write about that won’t start a riot, won’t piss people off or cause people to get the lynch mob together.  I suppose that says more about me than it does the people who I hang out with of course.  Maybe I need some new hobbies.





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