I haz a sad

A while back I posted something about the women who’ve made my life better simply by reading me on line.  They’ve been my friends for so long I can no longer imagine my life without them and the wonderful things they’ve brought into my life over the years.


Yesterday I learned that one of the members of a small private board I am on passed away, suddenly, on Thursday.  She was young and healthy.  She simply fell over at her keyboard and passed on, it was that fast.  I knew her, but not as well as so many others.  She and I had very different takes on the world,  my views more conservative while hers were more open and free.  But she made me laugh and think during out interactions.  She once signed into one of my private diaries just because the title amused her and she had to read about the person who’d say such a thing.


They don’t know how she passed yet, or why, at home with her sons.  This is one of those times where you sit stunned staring at your screen not knowing what you could possibly say.  It also makes you wonder, how many more people you touched without ever really knowing who they were.  I only knew her in passing yet she was so outrageous and funny that I couldn’t help but enjoy her and feel sad by our loss.


Rest well Stinkerbell.


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