So far, so good.

I’m a little afraid.  Ok I’m a lot afraid.  Let’s start by explaining why I was able to wake up a little later than normal on a work day.  See, last Sunday at the zoo Karen and I got to talking about my new work out routine and how much Kyle really loved our walks and likes being in his stroller.  Well she got to talking and said that we should watch Craig’s List and see if we could find a jogging stroller for me.  The old stroller we have is fine, but I’m moving at a pretty good clip and a jogging stroller is more stable, not to mention easier for me to push along.  So Monday morning I found one for $50 that had just been listed and jumped on it and I’m picking it up this morning.

That’s why Kyle and I were able to sleep in a tad today.  We both woke up feeling refreshed, the air is crisp and cool.  He brushed his teeth like a big boy, ate his breakfast well.  He didn’t steal my make up and I’ve lost 2 more pounds despite the giant greasy cheeseburger I ate on Wednesday.

Rounding out the good day vibe is that it’s pay day, we have money in the bank, I ordered Kyle’s big Christmas gift (we’re getting him a child’s piano.  not one of those clinky ones, one that’s set up like a real piano on a smaller scale.).  I’ve got my nieces done for this year too.  My hair looks good.

I found my old vampire avatars and siggys, proving to the world I liked fangs before fangs were cool, I have pictures to play with and print out for family.  Jason’s going to eat on TV.  So, really as you can see, I’m waiting for a truck to smash into my car or someone to blow something up I enjoy.  Really, this isn’t right.


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