Total excitement melt down.

It’s been mentioned here before, but due to my inability to actually read I ordered an HD receiver not an HD/DVR receiver when I signed us up for DirecTV on accident.  I need to say this again though, you do not know how damn much you miss having a DVR until it’s gonna run you $200 to get a new one.

You see for reasons that are still cloudy to me, I have to pay a fee up front for equipment and a lease fee monthly.  I’m sure that there is an explanation for this if I bothered to ask but so far I’ve forgotten to do so during each of my phone calls to DirecTV.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sorry I told Time Warner to eat a giant bowl of dog doo, but I am very sad that AT&T U-Verse told us they couldn’t set us up.  In fact, I may call them again and tell them what happened with their contractor because I’ve talked to an installer who works for AT&T it’s self and he told me that without a doubt that installer was being lazy, he could have installed us.

But that’s not what this was supposed to be about, it’s about the new season on SyFy starts next week.  Warehouse 13 on Tuesday, then I roll into Friday with Eureka and I’m thinking of checking out Haven after, it looks interesting.  The rub is, I have a conflict on Tuesday between Warehouse 13 and Deadliest Catch.  Before it wasn’t an issue with a DVR but now that we don’t have one I have to revert and use something called a “VCR”.  I guess it uses a tape technology to record shows.  Problem is, I need Jason to actually set the one working VCR up in the bedroom so it can record.  Currently it’s in Kyle’s room.

We actually have three VCR’s in our place only works though.  The one in the master bedroom was broken when Jason tripped and shoved it from on top of the TV to the floor, the one in the living room died when Kyle shoved something into it, what we don’t know.  What we do know is that it’s blinking at us and nothing we do stops it.  And that the DVD player no longer works in it either.  I’m not sure why it’s still in the living room other than maybe we need a blinking light to make our entertainment center look all scary and stuff.

So, we need to buy a VHS tape and I need to keep reminding Jason that my life will end in tears and a panic attack if I’m forced to choose between The Time Bandit and Eddie Mac.


One thought on “Total excitement melt down.

  1. Are any of those shows on Hulu? That’s how we’ve survived without the DVR for upwards of a year and a half or so since though we have our VCR hooked up, neither of us can really remember how to record something on it.

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