And there it is

As hinted at in the last blog post I have more than a couple topics I could post on.  Of course I never write these things down to actually, you know, remember what the whole damn post was supposed to be in the first place.  Right now I’m gonna lay blame on Final Fantasy XIII.  Lately when I’m done with the Kyle stuff and the cleaning stuff and the work out stuff (yeah I’m doing THAT now too) I can either blog, FarmVille or FF.  I’m pretty much going to choose FF.

Why?  Because it’s a beautiful game.  I mean, they all are, but this one is almost surreal in it’s visual looks.  The story and game play are fun too but I’m going to reserve more thoughts until after I actually, you know, finish the game.

Yesterday I had to chase Chugger through the house yelling “Give mommy back her d10’s!  You can choke on those!  And not a Kao choke!”  He really seemed to enjoy playing with them and my bag.  Hmm, I bet someone could make good money if they game up with an RPG for toddler to play with their parents.  And a good one too, not “Super Fun Rainbow Counting Horseies!”

And because female nerds are already sexy I’m going for the “blow ’em outta the water make the boys WISH they were my husband” road soI’m working out now.  This started because occurred to me that if I quit smoking losing weight should be easy and no one tell me different and blow my dedication you hear!

I’m also trying to eat healthier and get more veggies and less fried foods/pre packaged snacks into me and I love to dip pretzels and other veggie goodies in a nice dill dip but have you ever read the actual fat content on those?  Yeah, they’ll blow any health benefits of your rabbit food out of the window.  So, I came up with my own.

2 cups plain yogurt

1/4 cup mayo (yes, you really need this.  the fat gives a good constancy and the taste really adds to the whole thing)

1/2 cup sour cream

dill, to taste, about 2 teaspoons

garlic POWER, to taste, about 1/2 to 1 tea spoon

salt to taste

cayenne powder to taste a tiny goes a long way.  use very little and there is no heat at all (trust me I’m not a spicy food person)

Mix all ingredients together and refrigerate 1 hour minimum.  Longer will give the flavors a better change to really soak through, but a hour will still give good taste.


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