I should be in bed

It’s getting late.  Actually, if it was three  years ago this would not be late this would be “ok raid’s ending, who want’s to grind” time.  But it isn’t three years ago and I have a real job to wake up and go work at.  Oddly enough I was up late raiding/reading manga/surfing the underbelly of the web isn’t are real great excuse when you’re caught snoring at your desk.

This is one of those posts where I could be all over the place, where someone new to this blog would wonder what the My Kid was about, nerd stuff, saving money stuff, cooking stuff.  What dear Cthulhu, WHAT!  Speaking of Cthulhu I need to put him on my summer loving list.  It’s been ages since I’ve read Lovecraft, Half Priced Books here I come!

See, there I did it.  I got off into a tangent about Cthulhu and how I need to read Lovecraft this summer.  Truth be told, my geek o’meter is running on empty.  I work with people who wouldn’t know why a doormat read “There’s no place like”.  That’s not to say they’re not smart or amusing people to work with they just think anyone who’s different is, well, odd.  Add that with Chugger not wanting to just go to sleep nice and easy like and I’ve run out of time to spend online, with friends face to face or play a game that has anything more than passing.  I have faith that I will reverse this trend though.  I’ve found wonderful pod casts, blogs and twitter feeds that I can read or hear.  Admittedly it’s not nearly as fun as immersing myself in a DnD game with friends but I’ll take what I can get right now.

I picked up Diablo third hand.  I’m going to admit something very, very sad.  I’ve never played it.  Honestly, never never.  I may give that a pass through on Monday and I may look for Warcraft as well.  That’s an awesome Memorial Weekend in my book.

I do have posts in my head though, one chicken recipe, one about quitting smoking, one about shopping, and a few about the death of Hero’s and life of Chuck.  But my Facebook and Twitter feeds need one more glance before passing out for the night.


2 thoughts on “I should be in bed

  1. Oh dear…. Diablo. My husband has repeatedly warned me that when Diablo 3 comes out (which now is sometime in 2011 or 2012) I will be a widow for about 4 days.

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