Hi, my kids’ the biter.

I want a shirt that says that because it’s true.

After biting the lawyers kid every day for a week strait our lovely Ms. Betty had to tell us that she just couldn’t risk Kyle anymore.  Not that I blame her.  I mean, of all the kids to chomp on in the world my kid choose the lawyers kid?  Really?  Of course he does.

Kyle’s biting, obviously, is something that’s a little more than a passing phase of development and both our doctor and the child behaviorist I spoke with at work, hey working at a mental health clinic has to have it’s benefits,   the verdict is he bites because his expressive language isn’t where a 26 month old’s should be.  Jason and I had already have him evaluated to see if there was reason to get him into some sort of program, ironically his first appointment was the Friday after he went Shark Boy at day care.

Our county runs a birth to three program aimed at helping children who have delays prior to them being in the school system.  They consider a child having a speech delay when they have a test score of 25% or lower.  Kyle scored at 27%.  Because he is so border line and because he is acting out they are going to take him into the program, thankfully.  The therapist is confident that he’d be caught up at 3 years old but right now he’s speaking at the level of an 18 to 20 month old.

Oddly he has skills that are way above his age group like the “sh” sound in shoes and the “k” sound.  He also has “color awareness”, as she called it.  Unknown to me that is also something above a 2 year old level.  He’s getting pretty good as recognizing  the letters of the alphabet too, though yesterday he called a “y” “boat”.  Hey you win some you lose some right?

Right now the game plan for him is a summer with grandma and his two oldest cousins during the day and speech therapy every other Friday in the hopes the biting stops.  Ms. Betty has said she’d love to have him back if he’d stop thinking his friends were snacks.  In fact she kept repeating that I should call her first if he stops.  We love Ms. Betty so our goal is that after this summer of intensive work we can call her and ask if she’s got a spot for the fall.


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