No, I don’t have a pet seal, that’s my son

Sunday night Chugger came home from Grammies with a bit of a cough but I wasn’t worried, I mean, he’s had colds before and he’s one tough dude.  The nightmare started after he went to sleep.

The poor baby woke up three times, screaming.  Screaming so loud and rolling around that if someone had happened on the scene they would have called CPS on us.  And the cough, it wasn’t a cough, it was a bark.  Harsh sounding, his chest sounding like he had a marble in it.

Monday I stayed home from work.  That’s no small feat right now because I’m subbing in a clinic that has no back up.  To stay home was a big decision but I just couldn’t leave him with that cough.

After nap time and another giant meltdown, I called the doctor.  Croup.  He has Croup.  No worries for us, but other kids under 5 need to stay away.  Yeah, ALL the kids in his daycare are under 5.  Well, shit.  There is no way in hell I could stay home for that long and no way in hell Jason could either.  I did the next best thing, I called my mom.

She’s having fun and the weather has been fantastic.  Over all he’s pretty much ok, but because it’s a virus we were told to be careful with taking him around other little kids for the week, so mom can take him for short walks in this fantastic WI weather.  For once I’m not being sarcastic about that.  I’m actually wearing sandals and Capri pants.

And with getting home later than normal because of being in the clinic, dinner has become a weird thing. But with Chugger at grandma and grandpa’s we figured we’d grill out tonight, sort of a group effort.  I suppose one could say that Croup actually helped my this week better for me, no major rush to take pick Chugger up from Ms. Betty’s, not mad dash to the bank and no tossing random food on a plate and declaring it dinner.  Instead, my mom is cool with keeping Chugger later because Jason’s been closing, so I can leave work and get to the bank without breaking speed limits.  And as an added bonus, I’ve not had to cook two nights so far this week!

Next week is my last week here in clinic land, then I’m back to billing.  Where I’ve now been moved back to my old spot, the one I had a year ago when I first started.  I’m sure Tiff and Sheri can’t wait.


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