I swear, I’m not paid for this

After liking my E.L.F enough to blog about it, I picked up a few more buys at Target and decided to give the Translucent Matifying Powder a try.  I’ve never, ever been pleased with any other product like that because it ends up making my face look like a clown who forgot her white make up but tried her best with regular powder.

I’m hooked.  Terribly hooked.  When I got home from work I looked just like when I’d left home that morning, no shine and no cake.  I’m going to have to go all in and say, if you’re looking for a decent make up line and a decent price, try E.L.F. out.  It’s not MAC by any means, but it’s a damn lot better than Cover Girl.  The eye lid primer?  No oily crease until 8 pm.  That is more than 12 hours from when I applied it.

And in other news, I’m really thinking of starting a small garden this summer.  I’m starting to realize that I can save year round if I can grow things that I can either store or put up in some way.  Now, I’m not a canner, though I could become one if this first year goes alright, so canning foods would be out.  I’m did some quick research and found out that I can make pasta sauce easily and freeze it.
I use a lot of pasta sauce here because it’s cheap, all Jason has to do is cook noodles and it’s Kyle friendly.  I had a pretty hard time thinking of anything else I could grow and store.  Then I found The Potato Grow Bag and it’s friend The Herb Grow Bag and an idea was born.  If I can figure out where I can store potato’s I can grow them and store them for a good long while and we use a lot of potatoes here and I’ve always wanted to grow herbs.  If I get two bags I can also grow onions or green peppers.

The genius of these is Grow Bags is I can grow things on my back patio which faces south.  Because we live in an apartment I’d always figured any type of gardening would be something that just wasn’t feasible for me.   Of course, it was convenient too because I don’t actually like to garden.  But it looks like something Kyle and I can do together and it would supplement our  grocery budget.  Who knows, next year I may decide I like it well enough to grow peas and beans and start canning them.


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