Ok, enough about health care…How about face care?

A while back I heard about E.L.F, Eye’s, Lip’s and Face. What caught my attention is that they are cheap.  Like most things are $1 cheap.  Surely makeup that cheap would be, well, cheap.  Think Wet’nWild.

But now I hear they have items in Target, which generally carries items they actually don’t think are an embarrassment to their higher end than Wal-Mart image.  I was in a hurry the day I saw E.L.F there so I did a quick Google search and found their website.

I figured that at about a $1 a pop that I wasn’t really out anything if the make up was trash worthy and, what the hell, it might be a good way to test out some new looks without breaking my already straining bank.  I went a little wild and ended up spending $25.  Shipping wasn’t too horrible but to keep costs down they use Fed EX Smart Ship.  Fed EX ships your package to your post office and then they deliver it to you.  A little convoluted and delayed but it’s a fairly simple way to save on paying upwards of $10 in shipping on a small order.

Yesterday when I got to work I found that my order was waiting for me.  First impression, not an ugly box or mailing envelope, they took some time and got a pretty but simple design for the bubble envelope.  Good sign right?  They did spend a little more on my first impression.

My items were in another draw string bag, again, cheap prices, well thought out customer experience.  So far so good!

I tried on of the liquid lipsticks yesterday, I’m not a big lipstick wearer because I tend to chew my lips.  But for a $1 a pop why not give it a whirl.  Not too bad.  The color isn’t overly dense so it comes off a little more like lip gloss than a lipstick and there is a odd, though not terrible, scent.  Over all I was impressed.

This morning I took the full plunge and tried out a range of cosmetics I’d purchased.  I have dark circles under my eyes and tend to get reddish in my skin, along with a zit here or there, so I tried the Corrective Concealer .  I found it hard to get the product on the brush and the coverage with fairly skimpy.  I do like that it made it easier to not over do the coverage and come out looking clownish.

With oily skin I struggle to get my make up to stay put and I’ve always wanted to try a primer so I am giving theirs a whirl.  So far, so good, but the test is in the wearing.

Lip Gloss is something I’m always trying but give up on because it’s too goopy for my tastes.  Today I’m wearing Malt Shake with a grape vanilla scent.  The coverage is actually darker than the liquid lip gloss and it’s not super goopy.  I may actually become an avid gloss wearer!
Eyeshadow is a weakness of mine, even though I never get it put on well enough to make me happy.  So color me happy with a line of $1.00 shadows.  They are smaller than department store, or even Cover Girl and they seem to be a tad powdery but a light hand in applying made up for that.  Of all the items I’ve tried out so far this is by far my favorite.

I’m actually pretty darned please with my order of “cheap” make up, I probably won’t buy the corrective concealer again but I’m pleased enough to want to try out their Mineral Brand.

I’ve also heard really great things about their brushes and brush sets.  I don’t like just rewashing mine over and over and Kyle loves to play with them like he’s doing his make up in the morning (everyone at the same time “awwwww”) so I plan on picking up more brushes from them, and at $1-$8 depending on the type and brand, I can afford to just toss them when they are dirty instead of washing them.


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