The day after

As I thought, the bill passed with just 3 votes to pad the numbers.

Bart Stupak let me say something to you, women to man.  You were never intending to vote no and just about everyone knows it.  An executive order did not make you change your mind.  You’ve been working in politics long enough to know that is easier to change than your stance on abortion.   Know that the sites are now set on you by the people who put you in office.

I don’t want to join the angry voices today, there are things that are in this bill that are actually good for all of us.  Unlike many Republican’s I liked not forcing people off of their parents health insurance once they turned 18 or finished college at 22 if only for the economics of it.  Many people in that age group are healthy and if you keep them insured longer while they aren’t using the coverage the better.

Removing pre-existing exclusions will, again, cover a lot of people who cannot find coverage now.  Many of these people have something that isn’t overly expensive to cover but is a life long issue.  Like my fibro, or someone with depression.

There are a lot more things I don’t like.  But most importantly, I don’t like how this bill feels rammed through, hap-hazard and desperate.  Why else would we continue to have votes at odd times, allow sweetheart deals and hope and pray the Senate doesn’t eviscerate the “fix” bill.  Why the hell are we passing bills we need to fix in the first place?

Speaker Pelosi, Pres. Obama and the rest who voted yes.  We want health care reform but perhaps you were too focused on doing what you wanted to notice, but those people who were chanting “Kill the bill” at you are angry, very angry.  Remember how angry people were after Pres. Bush and the economy tanked?   You should because that’s how your party rode the wave into controlling our federal government to this extend.  Those people are angrier now than they were then.  You won’t be able to spin, talk and lie your way out of this.  People did not want this bill.

A list of Democrats up for reelection and their votes.  Don’t be surprised if you lose more than a few seats in November.

Republican’s, listen up, please do not threatening, spit, belittle or act like fools.  And remember, many of the members who voted yes honestly believe that they did the right thing.  While we can hold them accountable at the polls there is no reason to lose our manners.


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