I really love a group of guys who run a site called HillBuzz?!

I do, I do.

HillBuzz started as a way to support Sec. Clinton in her bid for the Presidency in 2008 when she lost her party’s spot the became Democrats for McCain.  Yes, a few gay men from Chicago turn their backs on Pres. Obama and worked actively for  Sen McCain.  And guess what?  Now that they see more clearly how the Democratic Party is guilty of the sins the accuse Republicans of, they are working hard for Gov. Palin.  And pointing out where the Dems are failing and lying.

I love these guys.  First, I happen to love gay men.  Accuse me of whatever sort of bigotry you want for saying it but I’ve found gay men more pro-women than women, more honest and frankly far better to debate with than anyone else I’ve ever met.  They watched as Clinton was accused of things no male politician would have ever been accused of, her wardrobe picked apart, her ability to govern with boobs questioned.  And they called the Dems on it.  When the pack turned on Palin, from spreading rumors her youngest son was her daughters to the hoopla over her and her families wardrobe they called the media on that too.

Now, I disagree with their whole hearted support for Palin for Pres in 2012, I think she’s too mired in Christian Conservativisim for my more secular view, but I do agree.  If Obama’s eldest was older and his youngest still a baby afflicted with Downs no one would have even thought to accuse the family of hiding his daughters love child as his own.  The only reason they did it to Palin was because she is conservative and a women.  And a conservative who preaches abstiance as the  main part of sex education must be brought down when their own child becomes pregnant.  After all, handing out condoms has worked so much better.

And for heaven’s sake, a women with a baby just can’t be President!  Who would watch her child!  No one would even blink an eye if she was a man.  It would be assumed that his wife would be the primary care giver to the baby and that, of course, would be peachy keen.  Men aren’t allowed to be the primary care givers to their children right?

Watching as formerly avid supporters of the Democratic Party realize that as the Dems  lob accusations of racism, sexism and gay bashed bombs at the Republican Party they, the Democrats, are more likely to be guilty of those sins that Republicans.

On the whole, Republicans want less intrusive government, who will live and let live.  GWB was for an amendment banning gay marriage.  That didn’t get traction just because liberals were opposed.  Members of his own party put the breaks on that too.  There is no way in hell we should amend our Constitution to effectively make a group of people second class.

Boystown still has a lot of more progressive ideas but what I love most about them is this.  While they helped support McCain they got to know Republicans, befriended them.  When they did that they realized that most conservatives don’t care about sexuality, skin color or religion.  They learned that conservatives aren’t the evil hate mongers they are portrayed as and they go out of their way to highlight the double standard.

If Rep. Massa had had an R after his name instead of a D, there would have been no way his sexual escapades wouldn’t have been outed long, long before now.  And there is no way in hell he would have gotten away with continuing his behavior in DC.  Now, I think Massa is a fool and a confused fool at that and I don’t completely buy into his accusations that the only reason he was outed was because of his vote on health care.  But I do think that he pissed someone off enough to let the dogs loose on him.

So, check out HillBuzz.  I find it refreshing and funny.


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