Is ZZ Top ok for my baby to click to?

Trying to find a game that I can play and involve Kyle in that isn’t geared to the graham cracker set is a challenge.  The Sims games are ok, easy to play, I can quickly walk away if needed but they don’t involve him.  He’s showing an interest in games when he sees the and why wouldn’t he?  Bright colors, weird noises and he can make neat stuff happen.

Of course, the number of games geared to him are low.  Add to that most are rather badly animated, think 80’s graphics. And they are simple and repetitive, small kids need that.  I’m not saying they are bad because many aren’t and can be great tools when used with mom and dad in learning colors, numbers, letters and helping small children make choices.  I have to say it though, they are really boring to play.  If he’s really into it, then I have fun at him having fun.  But other than that I think I’d find more enjoyment playing Pong.

That’s why I was so excited when Jason began playing Guitar Hero  last week and Kyle began to dance to the music then dragged the Rock Band guitar out to start playing too.  Sure, it’s not educational, but I can play it and dance with him.  He loves music of all kinds, and the game tries to pull music from all different areas, it’s got bright lights, flashy colors and a beat he can dance too.  I can enjoy playing a game while not feeling like I’m short changing him by not doing something with him.

Oh sure, it’s not as good as me sitting down and drawing items and repeating the words to him or revving race cars saying “red car!”  But it is something we can do together and expand his musical  horizons.


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