A mushy post to my son, who’s two now. And a plea.

My dear son,

You turned two yesterday.  A whole ‘nother year gone by where you delighted, amazed and ran your parents into the ground.  You’re zest for new adventures hasn’t gone and you’ve added new loves to your world.  You clutched your beloved new “choo choo’s” and yelled “All aboard!” at your party and screamed at bedtime when we had to take them away.

It seems every day you learn a new word, heart, choo choo, car, cookie, yay, bye bye, apple, ball.  I’m sure there are ones I’m forgetting here.  When you become frustrated when you cannot tell us what you need you will push or pull your mom, dad, grammie or whatever adult is nearest to what you want.  You’ve mastered getting out of your crib all on you’re own and soon you’ll be over the baby gate.

You’ve got a stubborn streak a mile wide, I wonder where you got that from, and you think everything is a game.  Including time outs for biting.  Someday’s I find myself at my wits end about how to instill in you the values your mom and dad want to bring you up with.  You seem to know and will begin to dance to some song on the radio or TV.

You still love your Backyardagains, but now you’ve discovered Chuggington.  Both shows, of course have toys that are impossible to find.  Backyardagains because the show isn’t nearly as popular as Dora or Yo Gabba Gabba (though, frankly far more entertaining in my opnion) and Chuggington because, well they toys are just starting to come out in the UK and aren’t here in the US yet.

So here’s the plea part.  Disney, please hurry!  Kyle want’s Koko, Brewster and Wilson and he wants them last week.  Also, the DVD’s for my zone would be great.


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