I got hopeful for nothing…Then again, maybe not

I can’t add much more than the email response I got from DirecTV to my email to them after Rita contacted me.  So instead, I’ll just share them and let you decide.

Customer (Dana X ) – 02/24/2010 07:41 PM
Dear Rita S,
First, thank you so much for taking the time tonight to follow up on my
problems. Believe me when I say, I realize that one or two bad reps can
break the reputation of an otherwise great company.

I generally don’t take my displeasure with companies public, much
less actively make others aware of my issues. I was very sad it came to
having to do that, but in the past when I’ve attempted to resolve issues on
the phone, well my blog post pretty much sums up how they went.
As I stated in my blog, I did make a miscalculation when I placed the order
to be installed on a day we had plans for the evening,
I absolutely take responsibility for that. The back of my over all
complaint wasn’t that the installer was late, it was the way it was followed
up on over the course of three phone calls. We did, eventually, receive the
credit for our account though, so in the end the problem did get a

The problem with the credit never being issued to my checking account,
though, is a different issue altogether. My bank has already taken the
money back through their dispute resolution department however; so DirecTV
issuing another one would actually result in me being refunded twice, so
please do not refund it again. They have also refunded me the $112 in over
draft fees as well, so again, another credit would be dishonest for me to

Again, as I stated in my blog, I mistakenly ordered the equipment. After
the first phone call I was ok with waiting for the authorization to fall off
of my account because I was the responsible party. The problem was that the
actual equipment was never canceled, at least according to the last rep I
spoke with, just the instillation. Because the equipment order was still
out there a credit was never processed.

As I stated in my two follow up phone calls, if I had been told at any time
the charge would actually processes and I needed to wait 3-5 days I would
have adjusted my spending to compensate, if I had been told after the second
call that the equipment hadn’t been canceled, my bank would not have had to
become involved. And if either one of the reps had properly canceled the
order this would not have become an issue to start with.

However; if DirecTV would consider switching my HD receiver for a DVR it
would be appreciated.

Again, thank you for your time, I truly do want to come away with a positive
customer service experience with DirecTV.
Best wishes,
Dana X.

Discussion Thread
Response (Jason H ID W2773) – 02/26/2010 11:27 AM
Dear Mrs. X,

Thank you for writing back. Your email was forwarded to me in order to further assist you with your DIRECTV account.

As we had mentioned in our previous email, this matter was forwarded to DIRECTV Management on February 24th. After a thorough review, it was confirmed that when your equipment order was cancelled on the 24th, it automatically triggered a refund to your bank account on the 27th. However, your bank also issued a refund to your account and disputed the charge with us. This resulted in 2 credits to your bank account for $104.54, and it has been determined that you should contact your bank and ask them if and when the credit they applied due to the dispute will be reversed.

Thank you again for writing. I hope this information is helpful.


Jay H.
DIRECTV Resolution Specialist

Really, that was their response.  A request for money back that I let them know I did not need any longer.  Not only that, a request for money back they haven’t actually issued.  On a credit on an order I canceled on the 7th that they finally got around to fixing on the 24th after I blogged about it.

Rita called while I was putting Kyle down.  Apparently the email is wrong and my bank shouldn’t issue the credit to me and everything is square.  So..fingers crossed.  BTW, Rita was great at trying to make sure that I walked away with a good experience.  So thanks Rita!


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