Slight follow up,

Right after I posted a link to my blog on Twitter and included @DIRECTV in the tweet, I received a response.  Currently a lovely lady named Rita is emailing with me in regards to my ongoing issues.  The email I received from her also included a note from another CSR that clearly pointed out that so far my experiences with DirecTV had soured me on the company.

So, while I’m not all that proud of basically having throw what amounts to a temper tantrum, it seems like I might have the attention of people who might actually want to see me have a good experience.

And because I try and be as fair of a person as I am able, to not follow up and point out that I’m currently working with them and so far that experience has been a somewhat positive one, and point out that DirecTV seems to take customer issues seriously, well, that would be wrong.

I’ll keep you posted.


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