Saving ahead of the game, or Epic woot!

Thanks to Facebook I was clued into a huge clearance sale at Target yesterday, so I mosied on over and picked some 3T things up for Kyle for next year.  I’m telling you that nothing makes me feel happier than picking up 4 turtle necks for him for $8.  Of course I was a little sad at the selection for me, but then I always am, not being under a size 12 means my selection of things is limited at any store that isn’t geared for the cushy set.

I was also clued into a neat makeup trick.  Monostat Anti-Chafing cream is almost chemically the same as a certain make up primer.  Lemme see, I need a primer thanks to skin that didn’t get the memo it’s over 30 and spending $21 on it makes me feel ill.  The cream is $7.00 and covered by my Flex Spend and, bonus, I can use it for those times I need it for what it was intended for.  Yeah, that’s sort of an easy substitute.  You just need to remember to make sure you give the cream about 15 minutes to dry before you put your make up on.  It works great under my mineral base.

So far I’m still searching for new deals to be had and new uses for old things, so if you have any, let me know!


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