I’m finally fashionable!

In the way back, long long ago time of the 1990’s I was in High School ,where your life revolves around being cool and in style,  pin-straight-no curl-no wave hair was the thing thanks in part to Friends (which was the super cool show to watch in the far ago time.)

My sister has this wonderfully thick straight shiny hair.  Hair that you see and you think “wow man, that is some pretty hair.”  I envied her because she just washed with whatever shampoo she had on hand, let it air dry and without fail it was picture perfect.

Over in my room I was struggling to fit into the mold our peers cast for us.  See my hair is super thick and wavy.  If I ever dared let it air dry the frizz could be seen from space.  Straightening it was a nightmare of two products, special shampoo, hair dryers with special attachments, curling irons and hot irons.  Much to my dismay there would still be kinks in the back and frizz in the front.  In the end I simply put it into a pony tail or braided it still wet and went about my day dreaming of that one thing that could make my hair look like my sisters while envying the straight hair of my friends.

There was no taming the beast on my head.  My mom would constantly tell me she wished she had my hair, hair I inherited from my now bald father, so thick! so wavy! so full of body!  Her girlfriend who is a hair stylist has hair similar to mine and overheard mom one day.  She simply looked at my mom and flat-out told her that no one should wish for our hard to manage and extremely difficult to cut hair.  Mom didn’t believe her.

Times, they are a’changing.  Messy, wavy out of control hair is the in thing!  My stars, am I finally fashionable?  I am!  I am!!  Women all over the us are using two products, braids, hair dyers with attachments and pins to do what come naturally to me.  There are hair products galore that women use to get what I got but that I use just to keep the frizzies down.

For once women look at me and wish they could do what takes me 5 minutes tops in the morning.  I’m free from the pressure to chop my hair short in trying to make it easier for me to wrestle it into straight lines.  No more warming up curling irons and flat irons.  No more burns!  It may have taken nearly 15 years but I finally have the hair of the in crowd.


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