Don’t get too excited fellow Republicans

So, Scott Brown was elected to the U.S. Senate.  To a seat that Sen. Ted Kennedy held for 47 years.  In Massachusetts.

I can see where Republican’s could get a lot giddy about that.  Massachusetts is pretty damn blue but the people who live there are very independent and don’t like being seen as push overs.

Martha Coakley really didn’t run the greatest of campaigns and why would she think she needed too?  She slammed her opponents in the primary and Brown was pretty down in the polls for a good deal of the race.  But a perfect storm hit the voters of Massachusetts and Coakley make some pretty big mistakes in off the cuff remarks.

Here’s the thing, the voters didn’t vote just for Scott Brown and this wasn’t a vote against Pres. Obama or the Health Care Bill.  They voted for him because voters are sick and tired of being taken for granted, for our elected officials continuing to dismiss our worries and because we’re all making less and spending more on basic needs while we’re being told that another set of taxes is for our own good.

It was a warning shot to the Democrats but that’s mostly because they are the ones in power now.  Though, to be, honest I’m not sure how the hell they aren’t getting their agenda accomplished.  They have a greater majority than Pres. Bush did when he was legislating for 8 years.  Jon Stewart said it best: “It’s not that the Republicans are playing chess while the Democrats play checkers.  It’s that the Republicans are playing chess and the Democrats are in the nurses office because they glued their nuts to their thighs again.”

No, the Republicans won a victory here because they are the only option.  If the party really wants to continue the momentum into the 2010 elections they need to stand  for something not just against the Democrats.   They also have to get on board with Health Care and be more out there with what they want to see to make it affordable and remove barriers to people obtaining it.

The Republicans also need to have a plan on how to fix people’s paychecks.  And tax cuts aren’t the only options, people get testy when they think the people with money are getting all the breaks.

Voters still remember Pres. Bush and are a lot hesitant to vote for Republicans again.  In short, we need more Republicans who aren’t Christian Conservatives.  We need Fiscal Conservatives who are more worried about limiting the scope of big government, allowing the States to govern themselves and staying out of people private lives and bedrooms.

While the Christian Conservative movement brought the party into power in the 90’s that isn’t going to work in the 2010’s.  Young people aren’t coming on board with the platform because they think of the GOP as anti-gay, anti-minority and anti-anything but white Christians.   If the party wants to survive and thrive it needs to prove that it’s not.

In short, the Republicans need a make over by November 2010.  I’m sure they will pick seats up in the House and Senate but unless they actually begin to show people that there is room for them under the big tent it will be a short-lived victory.


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