The Christmas Craft

Ok so I’m really late posting this, I work full time and have a toddler who makes Flash Gordon seem slow, things can get out of hand.  So here they are, Snow Globe Soaps.  A lovely Pea from shared these.

So what do you need?

Glycerin how much depends on how much soap you want to make

Scent, any kind you want.  I went with an almond vanilla.  But make sure it’s ]for soap making

Molds, I used both regular ice cube trays and round soap molds.

Food coloring, I recommend the cheap liquid ones because the color isn’t too concentrated.  I found that out the hard way.

Glitter for soaps, don’t use regular glitter, it’ll stick to your soap recipients making them look like crazed woodland fairies.

Small, very small charms.

White soap, Dove works great.

First, take the glycerin and chop it up good.

Then melt it on low heat on the stove.  LOW HEAT! Don’t melt all of it, reserve about, oh a row of the blocks or two.

Once it’s all melty add your pretty smelly liquid.  A tiny bit goes a long, long way.

Then add your color.  These were Christmas night ones so I used blue.

Now add glitter

See, remember when I said use the cheapo liquid colors?  That’s why.  I didn’t have those so I used a tiny bit of my gel ones.  Way, way, way too dark.

Now pour into your molds but not to the top.  Leave room for your Dove and clear soap.

Now, while you’re waiting for these to start setting up shred your Dove (or white) soap.

See how it’s done?

Now, wash that pot (it’s just soap in there people) and melt the soap you reserved.  Don’t color it or add anything to it, just melt it down nice and melty good.

Ok, good, now the molds you poured should be firm but not hard, you don’t want hard.  Now put your charms in the middle of the molds.  Remember you want to put them in upside down.

Using a straightened paperclip will help you center it if you need too.

And put the shredded Dove on top, don’t pack in in though.  Leave it nice and loose.

And pour your clear glycerin on top

Leave to harden completely and pop out of the molds when they are hard.  I sorta forgot to get a photo of the completed soaps, but they were a hit with the girls at the office.


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