Clean up

There are far too many links in my bookmarks that I never use.  I always save websites or pages thinking I’ll use them one day. But one day never comes and I get to search though a list to find the few I want.

It’s not that is difficult to find the ones I want but I often forget the ones I have.  Like the links on this blog, some of the sites I just am not that into anymore yet I’m pimping them out to my three readers.  Sometimes I’ll see a gem and remember why I took the time to bookmark them and file them away, because it’s labor intensive to do so right?  But I’ll click on the link and enjoy the site or page a bit then forget it’s even there.

I have to confess, my computer and computer desk are a mess.  No matter what I do to try to keep them in order cat hair, office supplies, programs and games all end up congregating around them.  I keep thinking to myself “I will PURGE THEM ALL!” but then I take an hour after Kyle falls asleep to watch some Hero’s or NCIS or Mythbusters and by the time I drag myself here I’m tired, Marble cat is demanding my attention and Jason has left a plate and cup on the desk and I just don’t want to spend the time to clean up what will become a mess again.

I’ll be even more honest, clutter makes me crazy.  After looking at it for weeks I’ll get antsy and angry and irrational.  I’ll want to throw everything out yet keep it because it’s not all mine.  I want to remove games from the desktop and disk clean up but I just don’t.  It’s like clutter is not only taking over my mind but my actions.

See, like after I saw all the links and though “I gotta get rid of this crap so I can make room for cooler crap” I came here and posted a blog on crap.

Ok, instead of whining about it how about I run the disk clean?  Tonight, the computer, tomorrow the desk!


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