The end of one thing is the start of another

I’m here working away the last day of 2009 until 4pm. It’s not really a hassle to work on New Year’s Eve for me, when I was young and went out I didn’t go until 8 or 9. Now that I’m old I crave a fireplace and my PJ’s along with starting the new year with a solid nights sleep.

2009 wasn’t the best year but there has been more than a few things that have made the year one I don’t need to forget.

Kyle turned 1, Jason and I are making headway with our finances, I’m working full time and Jason and I are still as solid as we were when we got married. I’ve even lost some weight.

My sister in law and I have gotten closer, I got to visit with Sara and Michael. I’ve been able to connect with old friends and strengthen old ones.

I wish I could say that all of the tension and stress of life was gone but that won’t ever be the case. I’m happy that I can cope in heathly ways and seeing Kyle smile at me is one of the best.

This weekend I’ll have to write up goals for 2010 because I need to work for something to do anything. I think most people are that way though.

A very happy 2010 to everyone. May this decade be better than your last.


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