Christmas Christmas Time is Here!!!!

Well, I hope everyone had a great Christmas, we did here. Kyle’s so happy with all his new toys he is wandering around saying “car” because, you know, he got a dealership worth of cars from Grammie. He hops from one car to the next with the happy cry “caah!”.

Sadly my mom ended up sick on Christmas day so we moved my families celebration to Sunday. So we stayed in our jammies and I played with my new Wii games, Kyle crashed trucks and Jason played Farmville.

Jason did a lot more than that. He really let me relax and did laundry, picked up the kitchen, the living room and cleaned up cat pee. Marble cat peed on my bed on Christmas Eve. I don’t think she’ll be with me much longer.

This morning I woke up to find my neat new coffee maker ready to brew. And when I say neat I mean this thing is so neat that I want to hug it and never let it go. It has one of those insulated pots. It kept my pot hot for 3 hours and the last cup didn’t have that burned gross stale funk to it. It tasted just as good as the first cup. I’m a very happy girl.

Jason and I couldn’t afford gifts for each other but yesterday proved that you don’t need a mountain of money or a car full of gifts to give just the right thing from your heart.


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