Ok, so I slack.

I admit, I slacked out on my blog.  Sitting at the computer writing didn’t seem like much fun to me for a while.  Why?  Because of the cold.  I’m bundled under a blanket on the couch most nights now.  Yes, I have the app for the BlackBerry but, then my hand is sticking out and it gets cold.  Cold is bad m’kay?

Anyway, I snuck in here today to talk about something very important.  Tiger?  No.  The Health Care bill?  Nope.  Cap in Trade?  Nah huh.  I came to talk about coffee.

Yes, coffee.  If I could hook an IV up full of caffeine I’d do it.  My mean doctor won’t do it though, something about me being an addict.  What does she know?  (I say about the woman who’s barley out of her 40’s, with 6 kids and a thriving primary care practice.) 

Once, I drank coffee solely in the morning.  A few cups of joe then I’d swap to Diet Pepsi.  I couldn’t eat dinner with a cup of coffee, it seemed weird.  Forget having a cup when I got home from work, I’d never sleep. 

Nowadays though; I can drink a pot with hardly a break in my step.  I’m starting to covet coffee accessories, travel mugs made of stainless steel with a self-closing function.  A coffee maker that brews the coffee then keeps it warm inside and not in a pot to burn. 

And don’t even think about trying to get me to extol Starbucks over priced, overly sweet concoctions.  Nope, gimme a can of Folgers, some flavored creamer and I’m a happy, happy girl. 

It’s so bad that Kyle, at an age when he mimics his mommy (and daddy, but mostly mommy right now), will play with an empty plastic mug, drinking his air coffee with me in the morning.  In fact, my coffee cup is something he can’t resist if it’s left on it’s own.  And yes, he actually drinks the coffee if I leave it in his reach.  A caffeinated almost 2 year old is bad.  Very, very, ver bad. 

I can’t even remember what my life was like before this elixir of life.  How did I stay awake much less function?  When I was pregnant I cut way, way, way back.  As soon as I gave birth the nurse was finding me a full on caffeinated Diet Pepsi.  The next day I wandered across the hall to grab my cup before I called the nurses to bring in my son.  Not that coffee was more important than him, because it wasn’t, but because I knew once I had him in my arms again I wouldn’t want to leave him for even that moment to grab a cup and I wasn’t going to bug the nurses for a cup either. 

So coffee, I sleep, breath, drink and eat coffee.  Now off to brew the pot for work.


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