Pumpkin day!

So, in case I forgot to mention, and given it’s been forever and a day, that my father took the muffler off my car, my dad took the muffler off my car.

Mom and dad’s truck has a really nasty habit of not turning over randomly and so dad will often borrow my car to run errands.  I’d rather lend him my car than have to wake Kyle up and go get him when his doesn’t start so it really works out for the best.

Well last week my mom and dad ran to visit a friend out in the country.  Dad’s driven a truck for so long even my Mom Car Sentra is like a “roller skate” to him.  To me it’s a sedan that has no frills and even less thrills.  So there he is, driving along in the dark along a country highway and he hits a dip in the road and the car bottomed out.  My best guess is that he hit at just the right angle that he put enough pressure on the weld that holds my muffler to my exhaust pipe to pop the weld.

I really wasn’t mad and actually a little amused.  My mom kept freaking out and stressing to me that dad hadn’t been driving like a lunatic teenager, I just kept telling her it sorta made up for all those times I’d had to call and say “now, about the car.”  I knew he’d fix it so I wasn’t too worried.  In fact it was drivable so I really wasn’t worried.  In fact, my car mad the really “cool” noise modded cars did.  Well, until Tuesday.  Coming home from work the muffler finally fell off the pipe and the car sounded like a jet engine coming in on emergency approach.  Yep, dad was going to have to fix it quick.

So dad was all set to fix my car today and Jason’s mom (who really, really rocks) took his to the shop to get a tune up and winterized.  Jason’s car got home but I still didn’t have my car.  Turns out the muffler for my car is special order.  Really?!  The muffler for a 2005 Sentra is a special order?!  It’s a fairly popular make and model of car…Really?  Um.  K.

Luckily Jason’s off on vacation so he’s taking me into work Monday and Tuesday morning.  Fingers crossed my car will be mine again on Wednesday.

And given that daddy’s home on vacation Kyle decided today was a great day to get a pumpkin.  Ok, so Jason and I decided that but he went along for the ride.

I’m gonna be honest.  He was not an overly happy camper.  He whined, cried and tried to break free all afternoon.  He just did not want to go along with the plan.  He did end up picking out a really nice pumpkin at The Elegant Farmer, home of the Apple Pie Baked in a Paper Bag, even Bobby Flay had no words for it.  Order it if you can.

But I wanna run

Really, lemme run (2)

Yep, that pumpkin

Grammie also got his Halloween costume today.  We’re going with penguin.  Daddy loves ’em and so does he.  And all the R2D2 costumes looked like a two year old was not only wearing them but made them.


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