The Dollar Store

I have to come clean. I love the dollar store. If you aren’t a slave to brands or snobbish about where you shop give it a pass through one day.

I recently had to make a pit stop there on the way home from work. Here’s a list of what I got:
Dishwasher detgernt ($3.00)
Hand soap ($1.00 if you find a sale, $1.50 if you don’t.)
Fall window clings (not a deal but I do love fall do dads)
Refills for the Swifer Duster (have you priced those?! $3.00 to $5.00)
Crest toothpaste ($3.50)
Toothbrush ($2.00)
Olive oil bottle ($9.00)
Bounce paper towels ($1.50)

Just like when looking at generic things at the grocery store it’s hit or miss and sometimes you can find it cheaper elsewhere on sale, so sometimes you have to try. The olive oil bottle isn’t as nice, glass wise, as the $9.00 I got at Bed Bath and Beyond but it works for my needs.

There are plenty of name brands, but remember to check the toothpaste and make sure it has flouride in it.

Your local dollar store probably also carries a large supply of gift bags in lots of sizes, wrapping paper, a huge money saver at Christmas, and ribbon. Mine also has a nice selection of mylar balloons.

While my local one is packed to the gills it’s generally neat and tidy. Check out takes a tad longer because you’re lucky if they have two registers open but to save $25.00 it’ worth it to me.

Now when I sit down to write out my grocery list I have three places. The Dollar Store, Aldi’s and Pick ‘N Save. This week I’m going to keep a tab of what I got and how much it would have cost me not going generic. If I don’t run out of steam while shopping.


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