/squee Friiiiiiiday!!!

This has been one of those weeks where each day just marched by with no real excitement.  Long boring days where everything was routine. Wake up, take shower, make Kyle’s breakfast, make up, get Kyle up, watch him eat, get Jason up, go to work.  Work, work work.  Pick Kyle up, make dinner, play with Kyle, eat dinner, play with Kyle, bath, Yardagains, book bed.  Mommy’s dead to the world. 


But when I start to whine that my days are boring I remember the Chinese curse “may you live in interesting times.”  Anytime I start to wish for something more does God ever give it to me in the form of some crisis.  My gall bladder, mom’s surgery, dad’s being ill, my infection.  Ok, so this year has sucked when it comes to health in my family. 


There is nothing exciting I have going on this weekend I’m just excited by the idea of spending time with my son making memories with him.  I’m going to make his zucchini carrot muffins this weekend, and he loves helping mommy do laundry.  I also want to watch the Star Wars movies with him this weekend.  No, not all of them but Episode 4 maybe. 


In the mean time, I need more coffee to get through the rest of my work day.


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