The Crossroads

It has begun to weigh on me that Jason and I are at a crossroads in our financial well being.

I don’t normally discuss money here because, well, it’s personal. But now with my mothers knee totally blown out and her knee replacement scheduled in October we’ve had to put Kyle in daycare and right now I’m stressing about how we’ll pay for next week.

We aren’t so far behind on anything I’m afraid to answer the door, but with the cost of everything going up and up we aren’t able to save or do anything “fun”.

And so, I’m at a crossroads. I currently have a job that really is family friendly and where time off is weighed against the quality of my body of work. But the pay isn’t as much as some other places.

I can find another job that pays more and may even have short term leave so that we could consider another child, but I’d probably have to give up a good part of the flexibility I currently have. Between having a small child and parents who often need my help it’s not an easy decision.

Of course liking my boss and the owner of the clinics also makes it hard. But of the two of us it makes far more sense for me to look. Jason has outstanding insurance and tons of seniority. Me, not so much.


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