What a busy week!

It’s finally fall here and I just love fall, it makes me all domestic and stuff.  The last week around the place has been busy.

Last Sunday Jason’s mom took us all to the zoo.  Kyle seemed to enjoy it and we lucked out with him.  He likes to walk and hold your hand and ride in his stroller, not one melt down the whole day.  While many of the animals weren’t all the interesting to him (the people had a lot of appeal though) he did really like the elephants.  I ended up getting one of those plastic ones that you put your money into the machine and it punches out for you.

The Milwaukee County Zoo also has a really neat train that runs around the zoo.  When I was a kid that was the last thing we did for the day and that’s what we did too.  The train he loved.

Monday my dad called me at work and I didn’t fully understand him, I just heard “need car, mom not well, doctor.”  Thankfully I work for a place that actually means it when they say they are family friendly because I didn’t even fully get the words out of my mouth before my boss was telling me just to leave.

It turns out my dad was having a lot of stomach pain and needed to get to the doctor.  My original plan was to pick him up and having him drop me back at work but when he started telling me his feet were numb and his back was bad and that he was in a lot of pain I asked him if he was sure he could drive.  In typical dad he just said that I needed to go back to work.  I pressed him and he just said “well if you don’t have to go back.”  Yeah, that’s dad speak for “I really shouldn’t be driving, can you help.”

Karen took Kyle for the night, her new A/C and heating unit was being installed Tuesday so she was going to have a Kyle day, and I spent the next few hours taking my dad from the doctor to the hospital for tests.  All I can say is St. Luke’s once again did nothing to impress me at all.  I’m so unimpressed by the hospitals around me I’m tempted to move back into Waukesha County again.
At any rate, dad’s doing ok, though they are still not 100% sure what’s causing the issues.  Fact is, he’s had them for years but over the last 12 months he’s only getting worse.  Scares the hell outta me, I even joked with him that he couldn’t die because then mom would have to live with me.  Between her MS and now having a total knee replacement on October 14th and his GI issues it’s hard not to worry.

Friday Jason, Kyle and I went to meet Ms. Betty to see if she was a good fit to watch him 3 days a week.  Her living room is full of cars, trucks and trains.  Kyle was pissed when it was time to leave.  Betty has three children, two grown and one 15 year old at home.  He came out and started playing with Kyle, it was even sweeter when he heard Kyle fuss because we’d taken away a toy and came around a corner to make sure he was ok.

Two family’s Betty has worked with or is currently working with, are in CPS.  Two license foster homes and one licenses day cares.  If that doesn’t make you feel a little more comfortable I don’t know what will.  She was genuinely excited when I called her Saturday night and asked all sorts of questions about what Kyle likes and who the little dude is.

I’ve also been indulging in home making.  I have a little pillow that’s the perfect size for a toddler, that is encased in plastic.  Of course you can’t find pillow cases to fit so I made 3, with a 4th getting there.  I found I actually liked sewing better than I remembered.  Of course, I’m not all that great at it, but it was still nice to make something just for Kyle from his mommy.

Thursday I made Breakfast Cookies .  Some mornings it’s just plain hard to get something together for him while getting myself ready and these seemed way more healthy than store bought bars.  Also a hell of a lot cheaper.  They’re pretty darn easy, though the dough is sticky so I used gloves while rolling them out.

Saturday Kyle and I made Lemon Ricotta Cookies.  He had fun sticking his hand in flour and watching the beaters of my mixer.  In fact, he got mad because I put him back in the living room while I was putting the cookies on the cookie sheet and into the oven.  He really, really, wanted to see what I was doing.  Kyle really likes puttering in the kitchen with me while I cook.  I give him a big plastic spoon and an old coffee can and he’ll ‘mix’ while I cook.  When he’s bored with that he’ll come over to the computer.  Yeah, I know.

After he went to bed I made meatballs for meatball subs this week while talking to Betty on the phone.  You gotta love Bluetooth there.  It’s a weird feeling having a phone conversion while you’re up to your elbows in meat.  In my continuing efforts to try and get more veggies in all of our diets I put some carrots in the mix.  I’ve done it before and it honestly doesn’t change the taste, except to make them a tad sweeter.

Tonight I made chicken pot pie, and crunchy chicken fingers.  The chicken fingers I par-fried and will finish them in the oven this week when we have them for dinner.

Kyle also went to grandma and grandpa’s today for a little of the Packer game.  Dad is really hopeful Kyle will take after him and not his daddy when it comes to the Pack but he’s happy just to have a little guy to watch the game with.

So that’s about it.  Life around my place.  Exciting no?


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