Dear Drug Rep

Dear Drug Rep for a major pharmaceutical company,

I realize the game has changed since the first of the year. I also realize that a free lunch is a perk that I’m not entitled to.

I must respond to an explanation you gave about why you’ll buy lunch for therapists, PHD’s and the clerical staff but not billing. Or as you said “my boss would ask me what book keeping does for me/us”.

I am not an accountant nor do I work in book keeping. Never have. I work for the billing department. I realize that all those Kaplin college ad’s make you think anyone can just spend a few weeks learning the ropes then have a rewarding and lucrative career but most days the job can’t be done by anyone who walks through the door.

As for what we do for you? Well we keep those doctors who prescribe your meds employed. You see, we not only bill claims, we fix them, post them, get people to pay bills and credential the providers. This includes the MD’s. In fact we make sure their DEA number is valid year after year. Without that the Doc’s can’t prescribe Ambian, Adderall and other meds.

I realize the girls in the office are the gate keepers and that you know them on a first name basis, but the ladies that are kept in the basement are just as important to your relationship with the MD’s as they are. Without us they’d go out of business.

I resent the implication that we are somehow less important simply because we can’t get you through the door.


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