A wish come true!

Yesterday Kyle and I packed up the car and drove out to visit Aunt Val’s.  Thursday was Libby’s first birthday and Val and Steph had a few people over to wish her well.  Not that she really noticed except people were gushing over her and giving her all sorts of attention and what 1 year old can hate that?

As I pulled out on the road I threw in the Kids Bop CD that we’d gotten from McDonald’s.  I honestly dislike a lot of today’s bubblegum pop and intensely dislike it sung by kids and done in a weird make your own CD at the mall sort of way.  But I figured it’s geared for kids right, and Kyle is starting to like music.  His reaction was to stare out the window in boredom and since he wasn’t digging it I flipped it off and turned on the radio.  Offspring’s Keep ’em Separated was on and in the mirror I have to see him while I’m driving I watched as he started to bogey in his seat, then he started to ‘sing’ along.

Be still my heart, is he digging Alt Rock?  Joy!  When that song was over I switched to another station, This time Queen’s We are the Champion’s was playing.  The.  Same.  Reaction.  My year and a half year old has good taste in music!  I mean, he still digs Backyardagain’s tunes but, holy moley he likes actual music!  The more guitar the better to his mind.

Next up we’ll try some Skynard.


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